Sol Naturally harmless Sol is a specialized spotlight for museums. Museums have two contradictory goals: to preserve delicate artworks and to exhibit them. The problem is that the more energy from light sources is used to display the artworks, the more damage is done to them. By using advanced LED technology and optic fibers, Sol, with CRI over 98, eliminates the three big risk factors from other light sources, such as halogen and metal halide, that damage delicate artworks: IR, UV, and heat. The circular design allows to control the directions and angles of the light without tools and without replacing the reflector or adding any accessory. By sliding the outer ring over the inner ring, the light can be directed upwards or downwards. By turning the reflector like a camera lens, the beam angle can be adjusted instantly from 8º to 60º. The LED display panel shows the exact level of dimming from 1% to 100% and color temperature from 2700K to 6500K, remaining invisible when it is off. The dimming and color temperature can be controlled remotely and manually. Antidazzle ring, wall-washer, beehive, cross-baffle, sculptural lens and barn-doors can be easily attached.