In our designs, we focus on balancing between extremes, such as functionality and aesthetics, advanced technologies and traditional techniques, simplicity and complexity, art and engineering, decorative and technical lighting. Like everything in life, both extremes influence our decisions of every line, space, and color in our designs. Like everything in life, we believe any manifestation of one extreme leads to either excess or deficiency in design. We attend to improve the quality of everyday life through our designs. Functional design without aesthetics is devoid of emotional connection. A pleasing appearance with no function has limited usage. Whenever it is possible, we are involved in the production process. This is where we learn the limits of current technologies and the wisdom of traditional techniques. We try to keep our designs simple, even when complex engineering is involved. David Villalba has been working in the field of professional lighting since 1992, both as an industrial designer and lighting planner. He has worked with Flos (formerly Antares), Swarovski, and Fiat, among others. Because of his extensive experience, he has a unique perspective and insights of the field.